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What Our Customers Are Saying
Barbara K.
Barbara K.
I am very pleased with the service. I got a text to confirm my appointment 2 days ahead of time. Another reminder text 2 hours before my appointment window and two calls to let me know they were on their way. My loveseat was out of my life three minutes after my appointment time. The technicians were friendly and polite. Communication was amazing. I would highly recommend Junk Gladiators.
Emma J
Emma J
They were Kind and worked really fast
Faith Haeussler-Barnhart
Faith Haeussler-Barnhart
These guys were dreams to work with. They had good communication. They came the same day I called. They charged what they said they would charge. More than all that, they were upbeat and super friendly. I would definitely hire them again in a heartbeat.
Alyssa R Thomas
Alyssa R Thomas
Really friendly staff and went above and beyond to remove old non functioning lawnmowers from my lawn. Great service, we will call them again if we need them! Would highly recomend to anyone!
Sidney King
Sidney King
Very professional, friendly personnel, and on time. Better than that other company with all their commercials. And you can't be the price.
G Dalmeida
G Dalmeida
The guys were on time, professional , and did a great job. Broke things down, made sure there wasn’t a mess left and took away boxes I had from the new furniture. The price was worth the convenience. I believe the guys were Lubin, Pete and Arther.
Amanishakhete James
Amanishakhete James
On time, professional, great service! Would definitely hire again!
Matt McAndrews
Matt McAndrews
These guys were awesome. They arrived quickly. The quote was up front, no pressure, and clear. I appreciated they showed me the pricing sheet and explained everything. They were friendly and courteous. They carefully removed everything I asked. These guys work hard, too! So happy to have this junk out of my life. Really appreciate this service. Will use again.
Teresa Kearney
Teresa Kearney
I've used Junk Gladiators multiple times now. Every single person who works for them is polite, professional and so nice. They do a great job and I recommend them to anyone who needs something moved or hauled away.
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360 Junk Solutions

Why do people love Junk Gladiators?


Most of the time, we can offer same-day junk removal to our clients.

Affordable Junk Removal

We believe that junk removal shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. That is why our services are competitive.

Free estimate

When you call, we will send one of our junk removal experts to assess the situation and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

No Hidden Fees

Our transparent quote will clearly outline everything you are paying for. Nothing will be added on at the en

The Best Home and Commercial Junk Removal Service Near Me

We exist to answer the age-old question: are there any junk removal services near me? One call is all it takes to book an appointment and never see that junk again. There is no residential or commercial junk removal job we can’t handle – we’ve seen and done it all. Our services are dependable and professional to the core, and best of all, our rates are incredibly affordable.

It is the nature of junk to pile up over time. And it is so easy to neglect it until the situation gets worse. It has happened to the best of us time and time again. Your house can look like a cluttered mess. Parking your car in the garage can become impossible and your basement can fill up with things you’ll never need but think you do.

Declutter Your Space

We can remove almost any junk you can think of. Our junk removal services include home junk removal, old furniture and appliance removal, yard debris removal, demolition and debris removal, same-day junk removal, garage cleanout services, metal junk removal, attic cleanout services, landscape debris removal, basement cleanout services.

You Can Count On Us

Junk Gladiators is the #1 Rated Local Junk Removal Service in the South East Pennsylvania Area!

Furniture Removal

Construction Debris Removal

A construction site is rarely ever clean once the job is done. No matter how good you are at construction, getting rid of the debris is not easy. Our junk hauling crew is ready to make the construction debris removal process easy and affordable, whether you’re remodeling, demolishing or constructing.

● Bathroom Remodel Debris ● Wood Removal ● Carpet Removal ● Drywall Removal ● Window Removal ● Door Removal

Furniture Removal

When you get new furniture, your old one needs to go. You cannot put your old furniture in the corner somewhere or the basement and leave it to collect dust. Moving it requires manpower, which is not something everyone has readily available. But we do!

● Table Removal ● Dresser Removal ● Chest Removal ● Love Seat Removal ● Chair Removal ● Sofa/Couch Removal ● Mattress Removal ● Bed Removal ● Garage and debris removal

Yard Debris Removal

The reason you bought a home with a yard is so that you can enjoy it with your loved ones. It is a place where your kids or pets can play, or you can have a barbeque with friends and neighbors. But if filled with debris, it can be hard to enjoy it or even mow the lawn to make it look nice.

● Stumps ● Frames ● Fencing ● Landscaping Debris ● Soil ● Corrugated Iron ● Branches ● Firewood

Appliance Removal

Old or damaged appliances do nothing more than just lay around and gather dust. On top of that, the big ones, such as ovens, refrigerators and dryers, aren’t so easy to pick up and move. Leave this daunting task to your local junk removal experts, who will dispose of them responsibly or find them a new home if they are still functional.

● Washer/Dryer Removal ● Oven Removal ● Water Heater Removal ● Freezer Removal ● Refrigerator Removal ● Microwave Removal

We Strive for Customer Satisfaction

At Junk Gladiators, everything we do is about making sure that our customers are satisfied. We are the only junk removal company you will ever need, from our services to our pricing to our dependability. Call 610-753-4464

got Junk?

Let Us Handle It

We know that removing junk is physically demanding. There’s a lot of lifting heavy items when clearing out a property. This can take a toll on your back if you aren’t used to this type of work. Furthermore, the dust you will aggravate can trigger your allergies, among other problems. Not only do we have the manpower, but we also have the equipment needed to handle your most significant furniture, appliances and debris.

Eco Friendly

Unlike other companies, we take green disposal very seriously and have embedded eco-friendliness and ethical practices into our company’s philosophy. We know you wouldn’t like it if you found out that your junk is in a landfill destroying the planet. That’s why we recycle, reuse and donate as much of it as possible to keep the environment clean.

Experience Matters

We also have years of experience, meaning we have junk removal down to a science. We use the most cost-effective and functional junk removal methods without sacrificing professional results. And we are continually striving to improve where we can. While certain situations might leave you scratching your head, our professionals can make the job look effortless.

A+ Reviews

Through our experience, we have also garnered tremendous respect for our customers and their property. Wherever we remove the junk, we aim to leave the space clean and undamaged in your home, office or construction site.

Quick Turnaround

We know that sometimes you may need junk to be removed quickly. There’s no need to wait when we are around. Although this might come off a little strange: we love junk! We love it so much that we want to get it out of your way as soon as possible so you can enjoy your clutter-free space. If you’re in a rush, you know who to call.

Junk Removal near me
These guys were great. Fast, professional, and very personable. Would recommend them to anyone. Don't go to anyone else for junk removal.
Vinny Nicoletti

three steps to removal

Follow These Simple Steps to Get Your Junk Removed


Book Your Appointment

Click on any of the “Call 866-483-7830” buttons or enter the number on your phone. Schedule an appointment at a time that works for you.


Show Us the Junk

We’ll call you well in advance to tell you we’re coming. When we arrive, point to the junk you want to disappear. Our junk removal expert will crunch the numbers and produce a free, obligation-free quote on the spot.


Junk Be Gone!

Find the quote agreeable? Just give us the word and we’ll start the hauling process. We’ll even clean up after ourselves once the junk is gone – we’ll sweep and mop!

The Best Home and Commercial Junk Removal Service Near Me

We can remove almost any junk you can think of. Our junk removal services include home junk removal, old furniture and appliance removal, yard debris removal, demolition and debris removal, same-day junk removal, garage cleanout services, metal junk removal, attic cleanout services, landscape debris removal, basement cleanout services.

When people think of junk removal, our name comes to mind. We always strive to make our hauling junk removal services quick, efficient and effortless for our customers. You don’t need to do anything other than point to the clutter you want to go. Then, two of our abled-bodied crew members will magically appear and haul it away.

Does that old freezer look like it weighs a ton? Does that old hot tub in your yard look like it would take ages to dismantle and haul the debris away? Do you need people to assist your construction workers in removing junk after or during a project? Anything you need in regards to junk cleanouts, we are ready, able and willing to assist.

“Danny and his team came out the same day and worked us into their schedule! Great group of young men! ”

Amy Malecki

Construction Cleanup

Keeping Your Construction Site Safe and Productive

A big reason business owners call us for construction junk removal is that they don’t want their employees to get hurt. Construction sites require a high degree of safety and junk can create potential tripping hazards. We can make it safer to prevent trips and falls, which is the number one cause of accidents at construction sites.

Furthermore, the junk doesn’t just make the construction area unsafe, but it also gets in the way of the work. When employees have to maneuver around the waste and worry about their safety, productivity can take a hit. A simple call to our demolition and debris removal experts can improve productivity.

yard Debris removal

What Unwanted Items Do We Take?
We are not particularly picky about the items we take. As long as it is non-hazardous and can be lifted by two strong adults, we’d love to take it out of your hands!

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