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Junk Removal Norristown PA

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Sometimes, Junk Removal is as simple as taking out the garbage. Other days, there isn’t much space in the trash can for your trash. You cannot simply throw it to the curb when it’s the whole house that needs purging. When this happens, you cannot simply let your bin overflow and pray for a miracle. Instead, you need a professional junk removal service that knows exactly what to do in those situations

With this type of issue, hiring a full service junk removal is the best solution. The process saves your space from being eaten alive by a large influx of items you no longer need. We are all about the trash being another man’s treasure so consider us your gold miners!

Junk Removal Norristown

Service Areas


Do you live in Norristown Pennsylvania? Got junk? Call us. We are local to that area and the rest of Montgomery County. We have trucks that can be at your doorstep for same day junk removal.

King of Prussia

We’ve been servicing the King of Prussia area for over 10 years. Our local Junk removal service near you will have our professionals removing those old things in no time.

We take it all!

If you have the following stuff that need gone, our Gladiators make it disappear with just a snap of their fingers! Look at the list of things we take then send us your own list. Anything you don’t want out of your sight, let us have it (unless it is toxic waste!) Whatever you have in mind, feel free to communicate your junk and debris needs with us. Here are just some of the junks we remove:


  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Basement Cleanouts
  • Attic Cleanouts
  • Office Cleanouts
  • Yard Debris
  • Estate Cleanouts
  • Construction Debris
  • Mattress Removal
  • General Junk
  • And More!!

If you do not see yours on the list, get in touch and we will see what we can do for you. We open our doors and lines to anyone in Norristown in need of a pick-up. So, we make debris removal attainable for as many properties in the state. With our resources, both human and equipment, work efficiently to make Junk Removal Norristown and KOP super easy!

Junk Removal the easy way

Save Yourself the Burden


Save Time

The whole process of junk removal can be dragging when you do not have the right resources. Some instances, it is practically impossible to move anything by yourself.

For example, a refrigerator for disposal or a sectional couch that’s bigger than the doorway. It could take a while before you get to the bottom of that pile. However, with us, you get to see the floor no sooner than later. Thanks to our gladiators who work double time, that long-overdue decluttering is now on the horizon. It’s just a call away.


Save Money

Our affordable junk removal prices are well worth your money. You never have to take a day off from work and it saves you from purchasing garbage bags, renting trucks, and even hiring cleaning services afterwards.

All-in services that allow you to remove debris in the shortest amount of time is already a worthwhile investment. Also, you steer clear from extra damages that also equate to extra expenditures. Junk Gladiators provide junk removal and cleanout estimates with customizable packages.


Save Energy

On top of that, save yourself from injury. The back-breaking labor can put you off track and drain all your energy. With us, you get to reserve your power for more meaningful tasks and leave the dirty work to us!

If you need a mattress hauled, or an appliance thrown out, or old furniture disassembled and removed, you need more than a pair of hands for the job. Providing you with reliable and efficient debris removal and cleanout services allow you to sit back and wave the trash goodbye. So, the only finger you’ll be lifting is to call that number!

Superior Junk Hauling Service for All

Residences and businesses will benefit from the list we offer. A garbage heap is such an inconvenience to anyone’s property and yet we do not have any choice but to keep it under control. On the other hand, this is an aspect that a lot of people get wishy-washy about.

After all, trash is not something you look forward to thinking about. Luckily, you do not have to because you have us! A junk removal service is a smart move for any homeowner or business owner. With all the things on your plate, you might not have time to think about the junk that’s accumulating in your basement.

Your Local Junk Removal Company to the Rescue

With just a call, you can prompt your spring-cleaning project into action. Your call with our calling? It’s a perfect match. We know that there’s work to be done and we waste no time in making it happen.

Our Junk Gladiators lift the weight of overflowing junk off your shoulders, relieving you from the stress and the hassles that come with the job. Undoubtedly, a local junk removal like ours will get it done before you go berserk from the overwhelming pile. Save a lot of time, money and energy by scratching DIY off your to-do list and scribbling our number on your to-call list!

Streamlined Debris Removal Service

Every single one of our satisfied clients know that hiring our debris removal company is never an excess expense. In the long run, you save more than when you try and tackle it yourself.

Do not underestimate that massive pile of junk sitting in your garage, lawn, construction site or anywhere in your property. Why wait for it to accumulate when you can always take action right now. With our same day junk removal service, waiting is cut short. No queues in the dumpster and putting you on hold only means we are on our way.

Eco Friendly Appliance Removal

Unlike a lot of junk removal and cleanout companies, we value the impact junk has on the earth. Thus, we think about how we dispose of every piece of junk that goes through us. With that responsibility, we opt for eco-conscious methods such as recycling and reusing functional parts.

To avoid the last resort which is the landfill, our appliance removal services involve meticulous steps like sorting and assessment. Knowing which items we can take to reuse, sell, donate, recycle and which are toxic and hazardous allow us to make the best decisions. Our simple back and forth communication can cause a ripple to save our planet.

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