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all about junk gladiators

Danny Hill and his wife Carla founded junk Gladiators. Danny, an airline pilot and Carla, a teacher, started junk Gladiators out of sheer necessity. We started buying distressed properties which needed rehabbing, and each project would have tons of trash and debris that needed to be discarded. There wasn’t a locally run company that offered this service. Like most people, we spent a lot of money on dumpster bins. If your container isn’t in a secure place, most likely, you will pay for other people’s trash. Each time we ordered bins, we would find other people’s trash inside.

I wanted a business that I could depend on the same day or next day service. A junk removal service that didn’t cost a fortune. Since the only companies available were big franchises, my wife and I started our local junk removal business, “Junk Gladiators.”

Our Mission

We want to provide an alternative to big business and give our customers more control. All while providing excellent customer service. We’re a team of honest, down-to-earth people who strive to provide you with the same high-quality service we’d like to receive.