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We all need to replace old or broken appliances eventually. But what happens to the old ones? On top of being too heavy to lift, you just can’t throw them in a dumpster. They need to be properly disposed of so they don’t do damage to the environment. That’s something Junk Gladiators can help you with!

Getting our same day junk removal team to help you carry that heavy appliance is easy. Just make the call, show them the appliance and they will do the rest. You will also get an affordable junk removal quote that only covers what we pick up. So don’t hesitate to call – you won’t be nickeled-and-dimed.

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Debris Removal

Eco-Friendly Appliance Disposal

In some scenarios, there is no choice but to dispose of the appliance. However, appliances contain components that can harm the environment. As they get subjected to adverse weather conditions in a landfill, chemicals can leak out and poison the ground, contaminate air or destroy the ozone layer. Through our eco-friendly disposal, we make protecting the environment our top priority. We make sure that a majority of the unwanted appliances we collect do not end up in a landfill.

What Appliances Do We Take?

The only items we don’t take are the hazardous kind. If you have any of the following appliances, rest assured that Junk Gladiators can help you out: ● Washing machines ● Blenders ● Clothes dryers ● Microwaves ● Refrigerators ● Stoves ● Air conditioners ● Ovens ● Electric fans ● Deep freeze machines ● Ceiling fans ● Water heaters ● Trash compactors ● Freezers ● Dishwasher ● Space heaters ● Lawnmowers This is by no means a comprehensive list. If we have missed an appliance you want to get rid of, contact our appliance removal experts to find out if we can still pick it up.

Quick and Safe appliance removal

Many things can go wrong when moving heavy appliances. If you drop it, you can damage your property. Not only that, but someone can also get injured if it lands on their foot. To avoid accidents, use professional appliance removers who have all the experience and tools needed to swiftly get that appliance out your door and onto a truck to be hauled away.

Donating and Recycling Your Appliances

We have found that many appliances we pick up can still be used. If that’s the case, we donate them to people who could use them. You’ll be doing someone in your community a huge favor by calling us to come and get your old but functional appliances. And even if the appliance cannot be fixed, its internal components can be salvaged and recycled. Your appliance could save others from ending up in dumpsters and, ultimately, landfills by extending their lifespan. We will take the appliance apart and remove any usable parts like chips, motherboards, fuses, metals, plastics and glass.

Got More Questions About Our Appliance Removal Service?

We know you might have more questions about our appliance removal and our other junk removal services. We are available to answer them. Give us a call and get all the information you need

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