Dumpster Rental vs. Hiring a Junk Removal Company: Which Makes the Most Sense?

Whether it’s a renovation project, new construction, home cleanout, furniture removal, or any other type of waste or debris removal project, deciding just how you want to declutter your home can be a tricky decision to make. This is because few homeowners have the resources to move huge amounts of junk from their own residence. Therefore, it all boils down to a choice between renting a dumpster and hiring a junk removal service like Junk Gladiators. When is it better to rent a dumpster vs. hiring a junk removal company, and vice versa? Let’s explore the difference between the two and determine which makes the most sense.

Renting a Dumpster

Renting a dumpster gives you the opportunity to move items on your own. All that is usually required is that you call the dumpster company, specify which size you need and then schedule the drop off. And while this may all seem convenient, it can be difficult. First, most people who have very heavy items would prefer to not move such items themselves. Second, a homeowner may be uncertain as to the size dumpster than he or she needs. Next, certain permits are often needed to park a dumpster in one’s residence. Finally, keeping junk items on your property can encourage potential burglars and even the growth of rodents and other pests. 

Hiring a Junk Removal Service

On the other hand, junk removal companies can help with spring/fall home cleanings, estate cleanouts, yard waste, construction/demolition debris, or general rubbish removal in the same manner as a dumpster can. However, among the many differences between the two is that a junk removal company takes care of the heavy lifting for you. Moreover, junk removal services are better at quickly removing junk from your property. Plus, no permits are required. Finally, junk removal prices tend to be lower than the cost of renting a dumpster. These are just a few of the benefits of choosing a junk removal company over renting a dumpster. Additionally, by choosing the option of a junk removal company, you are spared the difficult and dangerous job of carrying heavy items yourself. Our truck team members never work alone and they have the equipment needed to transport large items with ease. Our teams are also insured and have had proper training, so safety should not be a concern. So if you are ready to swap that inconvenient dumpster for our junk removal services call (866) 483-7830. 

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