6 Things to do with Yard Waste

Many people take great pride in tending to their yards and gardens. Ironically, caring for these spaces can also end up creating debris that has to be used or removed eventually. We are talking about yard waste such as branches, leaves and other debris. Here are a few things you can do with these items.

  • Call your local sanitation department for a pickup: Waste Management or whatever service you have will usually pick up and dispose of your yard waste. The problem is that it may take more than one trip for them to collect all of your yard waste depending on how much there is. 
  • Hire a junk removal service: A junk removal service can usually take as much debris as you have unlike your local municipal trash service. This means that you can clear your land of this kind of debris much quicker.
  • Leave grass clippings on the lawn: Short clippings eventually break down and can add nutrients, moisture and organic matter back into the soil. This nourishes grass in the same way as fertilizer does but it is far more environmentally friendly. Larger clippings can be mowed over several times so that they are more easily absorbed back into the earth.
  • Burn your yard waste: Caution should be used with this method of disposal. This is because doing so can create pollution and cause wildfires. Additionally, a permit is needed in most localities to burn yard waste. 
  • Make your own compost: Putting organic waste to use in your garden or yard is one the most economical and environmentally sound things you can do. For this you need to create compost made of leaves, grass, dead plants and other disease-free matter.
  • Put branches and twigs to work in your gardens: If you are really resourceful, you can try creating structures with certain kinds of yard waste materials. For instance, you can create a trellis with branches, bean poles with vines, etc. There are many other items you can make out of yard waste that would otherwise be sitting around in your yard/garden.

We’re probably all guilty of having at least some small amount of organic debris in our yard/garden. However, you can beautify the spaces around your yard/garden while getting rid of or otherwise using old leaves, grass clippings, etc. We can also help you de-clutter your home with our professional junk removal service. We handle attic and basement cleanouts, the aftermath of home renovation projects and more.   

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