5 Tips on How to Clean Your Attic

The attic is probably the most neglected part of any home. In fact, most of you out there probably haven’t visited it for years. And think about it – this can hardly be said about any other part of the home. And for this reason this neglected part of most homes accumulates clutter, damaged insulation, dust, mold and even rodent droppings. With this guide, we’ll help you turn the monumental task of cleaning out the attic into a chore you can easily manage. Check out our five essential tips for attic cleanup, and take back your attic today! 

  • Remove debris and damaged insulation: You can’t get around your attic if it is filled with debris. Start cleaning this space by pulling out any debris and throwing it out. This should include damaged insulation – probably made this way by rodents – wet cardboard boxes, pine straw, etc. Use a contractor’s bag if necessary to collect the debris.
  • Look for moisture and mold: Apart from damaged insulation, your attic may also be hiding unhealthy mold. Give your empty attic a close and careful inspection and remember that mold usually has a musty odor and comes in a variety of types and colors.
  • Sanitize: Of course, cleaning and sanitizing are not the same thing. Use a household cleaner to wipe down everything you can including the duct work. By doing this, you will make the rest of the job much easier.
  • Replace things in an orderly fashion: Once you have cleaned and sanitized your attic, you can begin to organize it again. By keeping your attic space organized, you make it easier to sort and retrieve things and to clean in the future.
  • Hire someone to haul it all away: Out with the old and in with the new as the saying goes. Hire our professional junk removal company to haul away what you will not be keeping. We can help with attic, basement, home renovations, garage cleanouts and much more.

Not a lot of people think about cleaning up their attic. But it is important to do, and it can make a difference in your air quality, your electric bill, and the comfort of your home. Let us help you reclaim this important part of your home. 

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