5 Items Around the House That You can Easily Get rid of

One of the biggest reasons people hold on to clutter is that by the time they realize they have too many possessions, getting rid of these items becomes a bit overwhelming. However, a home without clutter is an organized home. It is also one in which things are easier to find, cleaner and healthier. So, to help you to de-clutter your abode, we’ve listed a few items that you should easily be able to get rid of without too much pain. 

  • Cardboard boxes: Many people have stacks of moving boxes lingering around after they have moved into a new home. Sometimes these boxes can linger around for years. Our advice – get rid of them ASAP. They can attract moisture and pests like earwigs and cockroaches.
  • Clothing: This is a huge category. Most people can easily get rid of clothing that no longer fits, is no longer in style or is damaged beyond repair. We advise that you either donate this kind of clothing or simply throw them away.
  • Old toys: Do you still have toys around your home that you played with as a child? Have your children grown up and left your home only to leave behind them the toys from their youth? Unless they are ultra-rare or they are collectibles, then it may be time to either donate them or have them hauled away.
  • VHS tapes: Yes, many people still have this old medium around their home. If you have VHS cassette tapes still round your home then you should have the content of the tapes you want to keep transferred to digital files and then get rid of these old tapes.
  • Damaged cookware: Do you have old scratched and rusted pots and pans around your home? Many people do. Get rid of these as they can flake into your food and can take up needed space. Other items you can get rid of in the kitchen include: expired pantry items, damaged food containers, plastic utensils, fast food menus, etc. 

During your home purge, just remember that what you are doing will be beneficial in the long run. It will help you be better organized. Our professional junk removal can help you declutter for the sake of gaining more free space or it can help you clear old items out as you undergo your home renovation project.